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A Flock of Fairies - Acapella Trio

A Flock of Fairies features some of Sydney's most sought after fairy vocalists, working together to create a magical experience.

With 3 part acapella harmonies, A Flock of Fairies sing songs for any occasion, from weddings to Christmas parties, from corporate functions to festivals and shopping centres - their sparkly brand of entertainment can show their cheeky and fun side or they can be classy and elegant, depending on what your special event requires.

They can be a feature for your function or can roam through crowds, entertaining your guests with their cheeky exploits!

A Flock of Fairies have been performing in many guises for the past 5 years captivating crowds and all fairies have performed individually for over 10-15 years both in Sydney and around the world.

A Flock of Fairies, making your special event a magical one!

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