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Have you ever wanted to learn the art of facepainting for fun or profit?

You can now have weekly one hour beginners lessons in Northmead to learn at your own pace in bite sized chunks so you can practise as you go!

Learn things such as:

  • How to use brushes and sponges

  • The most popular designs and help with any specialised designs you may want to learn!

  • How to create great bases and fancy lines

  • Learn all about the tools of the trade (quality paints vs cheap nasty ones.... how the right brush can make or break the design, etc!)

  • Learn the importance of hygiene and safety

  • How to keep your "model" happy.... (and still!)

  • And much more!

Bring to each Lesson:

Excercise Book

Camera (or phone) to photograph your progress

Lesson Cost: $60 per hour (with one off fee for paints and brushes that you take home to keep)

Less for groups


Jenelle is an accomplished vocalist who's been singing from the age of 5 and teaching singing for 15 years at many respected vocal schools in Sydney and also from her studio in Northmead. Learn:

  • How to breathe strengthen and protect your voice

  • The importance of correct vocal techniques such as pitching, placement, harmonising, using a microphone, recording, stage techniques, vocal health

  • Learn how to deliver a song, build your repertoire, learn how to work through your nerves with relaxation techniques and goal setting

  • And much more!

Bring to each lesson:

  • Excercise book

  • Display folder for lyrics

  • USB stick (or blank cd's) for recordings of music and your voice!

  • Water

Lesson cost: $70 per hour. Less for groups


This is the big one!

You learn beginners facepainting and balloon twisting, and general entertaining techniques for working as an entertainer in the Childrens Entertainment Industry!

  • Learn about the tools of the trade

  • Learn about effective communication, using comedy, dealing with challenging personalities (ie shyness or robustness!), commanding your audience and embracing your inner child!

  • Learn simple and effective facepainting and balloon twisting designs

  • And much much more!

Lesson cost: $60 per hour. Less for Groups. One off cost for facepainting and balloon supplies. 

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